Col. Wm. R. Maull and Jane G. T. Maull on their 3 month journey to the south Pacific

Pacific Islands Transport Line

Voyage 112 from Los Angeles

Sailing about 1/6/62

M.S. Thorsisle

     Passengers: Col. William R. Maull (American) Age 69 and Mrs. Jane G. T. Maull (American) Age 67

January 3, 1962: We drive to Cincinnati and buss to the airport.  Jane a haircut as we are ahead of plane time.

     We board a jet, American Airlines, half an hour late starting, while they change a tire – make up some lost time to St. Louis. Where some 25 Navy recruits fill all remaining seats.

     The jet hustles to LA to arrive on time but fog and low ceilings prevent landing.

     We land in San Diego with the recruits, buss back to LA International Airport arriving at 1am.

January 4, 1962: An hour wait for the down to town buss – but in bed at the Statler Hilton after scrambled eggs and the usual California fried potatoes at 3am – or 6am, our Ohio time, just 24 hours after we got out of our beds at Whitford West.

     Tom has lunch with us at the Statler and we drive to Maull’s Manor in Whittier in the P.M. and are greeted by A & Little a. A warm reception.

January 5, 1962: We learn the ship will sail Monday or Tuesday 8thor 9th.

     Tom takes day off and we sun, read and chore or just visit.

January 6, 1962: Tom drives his Dad to San Diego – to arrive 10:30am, where Tom gives a talk on Longview Fibers papers at a Blake Moffit and Towne Sales Meeting.

     We stop at La Jolla for lunch and return via inland 385 rather than the Shore freeway. Passing through hilly country with snow capped mountains in the backround. Green meadows, farms or just waste land, some very rocky.

     Home by 5pm and we drive to Downey Cal. – “The Silver Saddle” for dinner as guests of Colonel Rowley.

January 7, 1962: Sunday, warm to say the least – well up in the 80’s all day.

     We live on the patio or enclosed porch.

     Little baby sister Darien is very well behaved, she east sleeps – sleeps eats, etc. etc.

January 8, 1962: Tom comes home at noon and drives us bag and baggage to pier 143 General Steamship Corp. Ltd Wilmington California.

     We board “Thorsisle” MS. Help load freight in a upper deck buss sort of way – meet some of the other 10 passengers and from 4pm to dinner on 6 drink whisky sours provided by Mr. Moore and his wife (retiree from Shelmar Produce – Mt. Vernon Ohio) who was at one time a passenger on this ship – (also a lady involved) (Mrs. Now in cabin no. 17)

     At the end of this party, as one lady put it, “we will now get down to some serious drinking”

January 9, 1962: We learn we will sail in PM.  The morning on board with thisses and thats – or just meeting and cataloguing other passengers.

    The P.M. Jane, must have a sun hat – so we board a buss for Long Beach (.32 fore) and tour Lerners, Pennys etc.etc. until we get to a cut rate drug store – There in the boys dept – we find just the hat but size 8 ½ only – in white- The red hat at 7 1/8 is chosen and paid for (too much) and we buss (.32 each) back to ship.

     The hat brim is not wide enuf for a sun shade so Bill gets it (Red) – we start off at 4:20pm.

January 10, 1962: Wed. at sea. Cool – moist. We learn (radio) L.A. is closed down to all airplanes and after 7pm even a freighter can’t get in harbor.

     Last night or evening we played bridge with the Halls (good players)

     Midwest held in a zero cold wave – Miss. Ala & GA snow? ? –

     By noon 1900 hours out we have traveled 252 Miles SW at 13.3 knots/hr.  

Lifeboat drill at 1600 assigned boat 2 starboard or 3 port

     The captain’s party starting at 5:30pm with cocktails, dinner, roast duck, 6:30pm dancing in the smoke room until 11pm.  All officers join in, 7 in all, a gay party. No end of drinks. The Captain is a vigorous dancer says Jane – and in spite of the small space and roll of the ship.  All keep on their feet – or on someone elses.

January 11, 1962: All hands on deck for Br-fs.  Sun and mild on the upper deck. 24hours + 12 minutes made 335 miles at 13.8 knots/hr. – We set the clock back as we make towards the west.

     Sun and haze on the upper deck – almost all day – some play shuffleboard –  but that is too vigorous – We watch the experts at dominoes and have an excellent go at bridge after dinner.

     Mrs. Hanson comes in for cocktails or just plain scotch wiskey ($3.50 per 5th)

     The food is good – clean as it is boiled to death – vegetable soups – such as cream of cauliflower, spinach, carrot or beef.  Cheeses are varied and yummie.

January 12, 1962: 338 Miles @ 13.9 K/Hr to 15 degrees N L

     The swimming pool will go into service tomorrow.

     The treasure trove of presents from Cordelia is overwhelming.  They go into a bureau drawer to facilitate sorting.

     A cocktail party at 5:30 given by the two girls which included all officers and chiefs not on duty and the captain of course.  These girls are having a fine go with the officers – cordials with the coffee and 3 tables of bridge after – Jane doesn’t get into bed until 11 PM scandalous.

The two girls are Miss Allie Saarc of Seattle Miss MncKael of Alaska     

January 13, 1962: until noon today and in 24 hrs 16 min we do 328 miles at 13.4 knots

     Movies at 20:15 – description of Norway – coast – interior – cities and recreational facilities.

     Another movie in Swedish which all have attempted to interpret but not satisfactorily.

     Flying fish first seen

January 14, 1962: Sunday 327 miles 13.5 knots

Big event of the day

A cocktail party given by the two widows Mrs. Mae Hanson (nee Mackintosh, Chicago) and Mrs. Beatrice Neidlinger (Beasie) of Chicago. Locale – the after deck – Aqua Vite with dinner Dancing on the after deck to two accordians, efforts of two of the officers.

     We of the older generation repair to the lounge for a few rubbers with Mr & Mrs Morton (Milwaukee)

January 15, 1962: 324 Miles @ 13.4 knots/hr

     A day of sunshine and shadow – rain squalls and increasing winds.  Racks are put on the table for dinner Lunch on the after deck.

     We approach the equator now below 10 degrees N Latitude

     Just lazy – No bridge although two tables are formed after dinner – some 6 of us just laze and talk on the afterdeck – we are loaned Eugene Burdick’s book “The Blue of Capricorn by Dr. Zipf.

     We sobered on pea soup and rolls at 2200 hour

January 16, 1962: At 1200 or noon our position is N 2 degrees W 126 degrees and at 14:30 we cross the equator 140 degrees west latitude.

     King Neptune and his court held forth for some 9 of our passengers and 3 of the crew.

     A salted mackerel was hung around the pollywogs neck – soap and an egg provided a shampoo.  A shaving and turned over to a doctor for the cure of such aliments as a broken back, toe amputation or just a plain appendectomy.  All was cleared by a dip in the swimming pool.  We received our diplomas from King Neptune at the Captain’s party.  Cocktails at 5:30 dinner dancing until 2300.  Phoebe Louise does a native dance. (Sanoan) (this web article explains the Doctor and the Barber as characters)

January 17, 1962: At noon 02 degrees south of the equator 354 miles at 13.8 knots in 24 Hr. 12 min.

     The Pacific Oceans rolls or roils the ship – we have rolled since we started but now really roll – in a brisk trade wind on the port bow.

     We swim and sun from 11am until 11:30 – enuf to expose in this intense sun.

     Reading the “Blue of the Capricorn” with relish – Jane likes “China Court” has read it twice.  Bill says, in order to understand it. (possibly by Rumer Godden, pub. 1961)

     We play shuffleboard with the Mortons. Hope for Bridge tonite.

January 18, 1962: 340 Miles at 14 knots per hour – we are gaining in speed as we go down hill. Position S 07 degrees 04 minutes W 144 degrees 58 minutes is west of Marquesas – they are 200 miles east of us. Now just 2 days out of Papeete and plans are being made.

     The Halls. Raymond Hall & His wife (San Francisco) gives the 4th and final cocktail party of this first phase of the trip.

     Too hot for dancing, we the oldsters sing on the after deck led by Dr. Zepf’s wife – The Norwegian accordion player – said, “he never heard the songs we sing, but he is a young officer.  We turn in at 2300, plenty warm, altho the air conditioner helps – sounds like an air tunnel.

January 19, 1962: 234 Miles at 14.7 knots noon position looks more than 24 hours run to Papeete – we should get in Saturday afternoon.

     We swim each morning at 10:30 – hour a limited sunning as the rays are powerful at this longitude.  Plans are forming for our first port.

January 20, 1962: Finally docked at Papeetee at 1400. Tahitian lovely girl came aboard with lays for all passengers.  A walk to the P.O. & window shopping before we relaxed with others from at ship at a street side café.  Watched the continuous procession of motor bikes, all ages riding from white haired to babes sandwiched in between two adults.  Stopped at R.C. (Roman Catholic) church & found many children coming in to make their vespers prayers.

     All passengers met at Chez Chapitean for a delicious dinner.

January 21, 1962: Breakfast at 7:30am – Took launch to Moorea at 8:30. A two hour choppy trip each way.  Will walk awhile for Moorea’s spectacular peak formation of mts.  Is not commercialized except for Hotel Aimeho, built in nature architecture. Thatched roofs. Open sides, very quiet – restful. Where we were served Tahitian food for lunch after a swim in Pacific. Mts. rearing up on 3 sides of harbor – breathtaking in its beauty.

     Walked to village for vanilla beans for Allie & stopped at R.C. church where mural over the altar depicts Polynesian Mary, Joseph & the baby Jesus.

     Allie, Mike and we two had supper at Canton – excellent food.  Back to ship & hit the sack exhausted.

January 22, 1962: Papeete – Tahiti : – This was a day; we tour the island – drive yourself FIAT. Dr. & Mrs. Morton love stop at waterfalls – cooks point venue & Bougainvilles ports. Morea – ancient temples old or restored. Faretoe Restaurant & Hotel.  This evening to Hotel Tahiti for drinks, but after drink again visited Chez Chapitean the French restaurant for onion soup – snails for Jane etc.

     Back to ship which is expected to sail tomorrow.

     Shopping for dress for Jane.  Perform – etc.

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